Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Poino - Moan Loose

With the latest current affairs concentrating on attacks and wars, it seems timely that UK trio Poino should email me with their all out bombardment of bass and drums that would be more humane than shooting a person dead cold.

These guys would never be considered easy listening as from the onset of "Previous He', these guys concentrate headtripping the listener with unusual rythms. No doubt comparisons to The Fall and The Jesus Lizard largely due to the sandpaper on metal vocal antics of Gaverick de Vis. "Strength of A Cowboy" starts out like a gentle yet mindbending slighly pychedelic intro on Queens on The Stone Age "Rated R" but flies its parasol into much more bizarre and abrasive waters. The clarinet at the end of "Bad Bag" serves the Queens of The Stone Age meeting The Fall as it's "Quick and To Pointless" on a lethal cocktail of caffiene, downers, histamine and way too many rainy days. "Snakes say Wow" is the screwed up acidic jazz that the song title promises.

Puking after a roller coaster ride may well be satisfying and a closure to the previous jerking motions however Poino don't intend for your ride to stop.

This is the opinion of just one man, so definitely, don't take his word for it as he is not always to be trusted.

Listen to the album here.

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