Friday, July 15, 2011

Reverend Beatman at Paekakariki 14 July 2011

Above pic: Boss Christ

There really couldn't be a more perfect venue than a small town church hall when you've got rock and roll prechers Reverend Beatman and Boss Christ on the line up. It was my first ever show at Paekakariki St. Peter's Hall, which is similar to every other community hall I've been to. The BYO alcohol policy suited me fine.
Boss Christ was in fine form with his rawer thanTom Waits metal on metalgrater vocals. My flatmate who'd never seen him before made the comment that his whiskey blues music is great until he sings. I disagree but then again I love Tom Waits and Howling Wolf. There's a great video of him in Christchurch here. At Nick Oliverei he sported a clean shaven appearance but his wolfman appearance is back.

Reverend Beatman got up and sat down. Delaney Davidson got up introduced the Reverend played his own song "Homeward Bound". After that Delaney beat the drums while Reverend Beatman instructed everyone to get on their knees. Delaney then took the stage again and instructed people to waltz with the possibilty of a marriage proposal to keep Reverend Beatman in the country, which lead to a lot of people on the dance floor.

Reverend Beatman pointed out that he was strange-looking but came from a small town in Switzerland like Paekakariki. And that the thousand inhabitants look like him. Before playing "I see the light" The two alternated for a
while with Delaney either playind drums or guitar. Eventually Reverend Beatman played a couple of songs in a row and the show was over.

Above pic: Reverend Beatman, pic taken while he stood like a Madame Tussauds wax statue for about a minute.

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