Friday, October 14, 2011


Feorm is a word taken from Germanic roots. British band Feorm formed in 2010 and recorded their album in dimly lit barn. The band take a semi-improvisational approach to music. Their original idea was to turn up live without having rehearsed or played together before.

It's difficult not to think of 80's funk song "Ride The White Horse" and the likes of the band, Faust whilst listening to the album's first track "Clatterhoof". As a kid I enjoyed trips to the ocean and "Acceptance" evokes images of wide blue sky covering an equal blue sea. The band are clearly nature lovers as another song is titled "The Sea" another "Sund Dogs" and yet another "Man is an island". If I were on a tropical desert island, the clicks and beats combined with guitar in "Cyclick" would be the ideal soundtrack to take it all in. There's a jazz fusion feel to the forgiving "It is the Mercy" Many years ago I lived in a flat where in the middle of winter you had to walk outside to go to the toilet. I thought I was hard done by until I heard of those that had to walk to the back of yard to go in a dug out toilet. I'm not certain if that's the theme of "The Long Drop". Let's hope not although the band are definitely capable of getting out the feelings of the song titles in their instrumental music. There's a definite warmth to "Sun Dogs".

Some instrumental music is made as mere background music but Feorm offer the listener the chance to come up with their own images. The band's CD is limited to 1,000 copies and can be listened to and ordered through their bandcamp site.

Feorm's bandcamp


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