Monday, November 21, 2011

Forty years ago - Skid Row - 34 Hours

34 Hours [Germany Bonus Tracks]

SKID ROW “34 Hours”, 1971

Kicking out a singer like Phil Lynott out of a band and replacing him with a fresh faced guitar player may have seemed like a crazy move but it paid huge dividends for SKID ROW when they replaced Lynott with a young and extremely talented guitar player named Gary Moore.  The heavy driving power chords and great guitar leads that Gary Moore was once renowned for open this album and while he doesn’t demonstrate a huge range of vocal ability there is no denying that he is also a capable singer.  The flashy guitar playing and wah wah effects that appear on his pre-blues solo outings are utilised on this disc on tracks like “Night of the White Witch” and the smoking rocker “First Thing in the Morning” where drummer, Noel Bridgeman plays like a man possessed.  Country/blues rock track “Mar” eventually turns into a jam fest which thankfully lifts it from being a total snorefest.  “Go, I’mNever Going to Let You” is the sound of a band having a lot of fun playing and is as much fun for the listener. While MC5’s “High Time is an album of head shakers, straight country track “Lonesome still” is as interesting as watching paint dry and as appealing as receiving diagnosis of a terminal disease.  The guitar driven rock tracks make this an album still well worth devoting both  your ears.

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