Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sandrider - Sandrider

In Frank Herbert's Dune books, a sandrider is a person who has managed to capture and ride one of the gigantic sandworms that live on the planet Arrakis. The band Sandrider are closer to the worms themselves as they're much much heavier than any mythological beast jockey.

The Seattle band feature three of the city’s most unstoppable forces: drummer Nat Damm and guitarist John Weisnewski of Akimbo, and bassist Jesse Roberts of The Ruby Doe.

There's a slugdy sluggish Sabbath-esque heaviness to "Children" accompanied with husky yet buried vocals that bring High on Fire to mind. The band mine the musical vein of their homecity as there's a Mudhoneyish grunge feel to The Corpse with a Tad sized underbelly. A dirty filthy metallic spinetingling riff stabs through and cuts the grunge overlay in "Crysknife". "Voices" is a godzilla disgustingly heavy gingantic-sized guitar-oriented howler of a song. "Paper" just convinces that these guys love their grunge as much as their metal and is a fine sifting blending of both. "Scatter" should excite most alternative 90's music fans as the opening sounds familiar even if it's difficult to pinpoint exactly whether it's liberal borrowing from Jane's Addiction or the likes of grungesters Mudhoney.

There's a couple of songs like "The Judge" that are a little too long on this album However anyone longing for grunge with a slab of metal or a slab of grunge with a dosage of metal should check out Sandrider.

Listen to some of the album here.

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