Monday, December 5, 2011

Monogamy Party - Pus City

"Pus City" is far from the possibility of a scenic place as they eye can see.  This metropolis is the creation of three piece Seattle band Monogamy Party.  There is nothing kind or beautiful in their music.   The bass and drum driven trio stab the listener in the ear with a fork and then twist it around a number of times with pliers with screaming being the objective.  Exactly whose screaming it is, really doesn't matter.  If the sound were personified it would be a rancid green-toothed puke covered  hobo living out a teenage mutant ninja turtle fantasy in a sewer puking out philosophy whilst unknowingly regressing to a toddler's mindset.

Check out "Covenant of Brother's" repitition of the phrase "This life is worse than death" because comparing this band to Old School came to mind but they're noisier than those nine and ten years old ever were and aren't as given to traditional song structures.

   This is the type of band who would be proud as punch to be told by their parent that their music sounds similar to a toilet flushing and would attempt and succeed at getting even noisier comparisons however sometimes there's often an early Beastie Boys type rap fighting imprisonment of the chaotic trio's mind-bending weirdness.


You can order the band's 10 inch vinyl and hear their music here.

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