Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sticky Filth - Fourth Domain

  The most anticipated NZ rock album  of the last few years is finally here.  Sticky Filth's fourth album in their 26 year career is out.  Setbacks have included two serious accidents which have meant touring the album isn't an option.

   Arguments about whether Sticky Filth are a punk, metal or a rock band won't be ended with this album.  And really, why should they?  The trio's template of blistering Motorhead style bass coupled with Chris Snowdon's metallic guitar leads with Craig Radford's melodic voice hovering over the top as the drummer sets the beat.  As always the songs vary in tempo.  The only major change, other than the new drummer, is that Snowdon handles vocal duties on two songs and his voice is just a little rougher than Radford's.

  "Happy Birthday" has a quick beat that is similar to songs like "The Yorkshire Ripper" and "Dig You Up" from the band's first album.  "The Witch That Got Away" should please those familiar with "The Burning" both musically and thematically.  "Leave In The Morning" has rock radio hit potential written all over it due to its catchy chorus.  The acoustic version of "Hate Remains" serves well as an album ender Sticky Filth will be able to win new fans while keeping their older ones simply by keeping with the tried and true.  While listening to this album on my I-pod travelling on a  train, two twenty-somethings were discussing whether it sounded like Parkway Drive or Disturbed and then asked what the music was.  I really don't think the music sounds like either of these bands as the songs just sound like Sticky Filth.   Expect to see this album on a number of best of 2011 lists.


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