Saturday, January 21, 2012

THE GRANNIES “Hot Flashes”, 2009

(Wondertaker Records)

Turn up your hearing aid and take your pills because The Grannies have returned to sprinkle their latest offering of punk-n-roll all over us.   Their tongue in cheek humor is first evident at the moment of setting eyes of the Danzig inspired album cover.  Through their false teeth the band spit out a bad attitude that is accepted as the norm for old folks in their retirement lodgings in the catchy rocker“My Middle Finger says You’re Wrong”.

“Don’t Thank Me, Thank Yourself, ” and “Fast Mike” are cause for suspicion that someone out there swapped their meds for amphetamines due to the songs’ exhilarating pace.   “Brain Freeze” is down in the Guiness Book of Records as the fastest punk song ever to feature a guest violin player..   It’s not all about speed though as the band slow down to work in guitar solos on the hair metal tinged “Bag of Hammers”.

The cover songs are all great choices, you didn’t know better you’d swear even the Pink song “U + Ur Hand” was a Grannies original.   The cover of Leather Nun’s “No Rule” is admittedly closer to the Turbonegro version than the original. Unfortunately “Hot Flashes” isn’t an album without its weaknesses.  Stop and skip buttons on CD players were invented to pretend the horrid violin-inclusive Dylan inspired eight-minute dirge closing the album doesn’t exist.    


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