Friday, January 6, 2012

The Saints -(I'm Stranded)

The Saints (I'm Stranded), 1977

(I'm) Stranded

For a long time geographical isolation down under was problematic for bringing over international touring bands and those who have the ability and desire to take their music to a more populous audience often relocated in another country.  The raw octane of The Saints first record is at odds with the eternal warmth of their home city and it’s easy to comprehed their move to the colder climate of the United Kingdom.  Pre-dating the heyday of UK Mohawk brigade and dyed hair punk, The Saints contemporaries, in both sound and spirit, were Detroit rockers, MC5 and The Stooges.  “No Time” and “Stranded” are polished recordings but remain catchy as influenza.  The recording on the rest of the album is rough as guts so the strength and hooks of the songs really shines through the grittiness.  The blazing guitar work on “Wild Abour You”  and “Erotic Neurotic” blitzes all and sundry in its path.  Later albums where the band wandered into pop rock territory during the 80’s are shelf fillers.

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