Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Subhumans - From the Cradle to the Grave

From the Cradle to the Grave

On the Subhumans second full-length, the band defied their audience’s expectations by proving that a slow punk song can be listenable in “Waste of Breath” and writing songs lengthier than three minutes wasn’t an improbability.  These changes see the band reaching further musically.  The short instrumental introduction on the second full album in no way indicates what is to follow. “Where’s the Freedom” and “Reality is Waiting for a Bus”may be quick blasts but snippy straight to the point punk songs that appeared on the debut are near absent. Although lacking a brass section, ska upbeatness comes up for air in “Us Fish Must Swim”.  The yelping guitar and Dick’s change of vocals ending “Wake Up Screaming’” are the sound of a man who can’t take the injustices in the world anymore and is contemplating ending them by slitting his wrists. Dick’s vocals blare out loud and clear over a number of tempo changes in the sixteen-minute title track as he spits out an anarcho-punk submission for a political science dissertation.  A punk concept album about life may have been attempted five years previously by Sham69 but the musicianship and lyrical content on “From the Cradle to The Grave” are more complex however unlike the Subhumans debut, many of the songs aren’t instantly appealing.  The remastered package comes complete with a stunning lyric booklet and a fold out poster.


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