Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Cramps - Bad Music For Bad People

The Cramps – “Bad Music For Bad People”, 1984

Compilations often serve as a great introduction to a band and “Bad Music for Bad People” is no exception.  This album gathers the early Cramps material from previously released albums and b-sides.  The recording quality of the songs varies and some like “Love Me” have an underproduced sound.  Lux Interior sounds more possessed and evokes more danger than a Kool-aid carrying Jim Jones when he sings like a rabid evangelical preacher on LSD on the cover songs.    The Cramps ride the surf guitar on “Goo Goo Muck”.  As The Cramps put their identity stamp on another cover song.  The perfection of the screeching guitar, rockabilly horror b-movie soundtrackvibe in “Human Fly” has caused the investing in many large fly swats.  There’s free education here too as The Cramps give a lesson on how to get aboard “The Drug Train”.   Watch your head because psychoticness with murderous tendencies never sounded as appealing as it does on “TV Set”. Purists would argue that this isn’t an album.  There’s no doubt that The Cramps would balk at the thought of ever being considered pure.  “Bad Music for Bad People” is a dirty collection of mind-soiled songs and there’s no denying that the album cover makes for a great poster.


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