Sunday, February 5, 2012

Remain Opposed - Time Waits for No One

REMAIN OPPOSED  “Time Waits for No One”, 2009
(Pee Records)

On their myspace page, Remain Opposed claim to “bring a blend of their own brand of punk rock with a hardcore edge void of any fashion trends, bells or whistles”.  While their sound might be somewhat unique in Australia, the ugly warts and all truth is their sound is the band sound exactly like The Offspring circa 1992 right down to the vocals.   Other than in the band’s choice of name, the hardcore edge could only mean the shouted gang-vocals on the title track or “Somebody Else’s Heroes” or maybe the near rapping on “How Far Will We Fall Down Dead”.     One track with the obvious nod in the title to the band’s main influence is “Ignite”, which includes what the hardcore kids of today would describe as a  “short breakdown”.    As much as I hate using the word dated, it appropriately describes this band’s sound for me as I would have been all over this band’s brand of pop punk fifteen years ago but unfortunately for Remain Opposed, their album title is prophetic as times have changed.    The entire album can be grabbed from the bandcamp link below.


Remain Opposed on bandcamp

Remain Opposed on myspace

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