Thursday, February 9, 2012

Superchief - Rock Music

Superchief “Rock Music”, 2009

With some of today’s band names and album title choices are sure to cause confusion for uninformed music store employees, Superchief took the less puzzling option and have chosen an album title that is a useful filing too but unfortunately also suggests a band bereft of imagination.   Whether it helps or hinders Superchief’s cause, there’s no denying “Georgia Trucker Fun” runs incredibly close to recent Clutch right down to the vocals.  Although the vocals are gruntier, “Sweat” walks in the footprints that Soundgarden laid down on “Down on The Upside”.  In the intro, there’s exactly the same tinge of Pink Floyd that permeated the Seattle band’s final album.  
The stoner rock fuzz guitar blares out for attention in “Amen” with the vocals fading into the background.    A psychedelic haze washes over  “Bus Ride Messiah” with wah-wah guitar voyaging in for the ride.

Whilst Superchief aren’t a bad band, it’s difficult to put my finger on it, but this disc just doesn’t click with me at all.    I’d just much rather be listening to any of the bands that Superchief are reminiscent of than listen to “Rock Music” again.


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Angela Wilson said...

You should listen to their new CD, Corporate Dynamite.

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