Sunday, March 18, 2012

Electrik Emily - Stiletto Rock

Seattle rocker, Electrik Emily is a DIY solo artist who combines synthesizers and guitar.  She is  a riot grrrl who is aware of the secret of getting a reviewer’s attention.  It’s to get them to listen from the word, go.  Open with a strong song and there’s less chance of your album just blending in or being ignored along with many others in the review pile.  “Stiletto Rock” opens with a song called “Cock Rockers”, which not only a title that causes ears to prick up with its firm middle finger aimed sharply at male rockers egos but also the hard rocking Runaways style.  There’s as much owing to the group here as there is Joan Jett and Lita Ford alone.

There’s an inevitable party element to “Going Out!” and it’s easy to imagine dance floors filling to the catchy tune with its programmed synthesiser beats that bring 80’s Madonna  to mind as much as Pink.  The title track, “Stiletto Rock” is a tough no nonsense rocker filled to the brim with girl power and name-checks a number of Electrik Emily’s female musical influences.  The Lita Ford solo career influence comes across strongly in the ballad “Addiction”.   Emily’s devotion to her musical instruments is clear in the lyrics to the dancey rock of “My Guitar” although the synthesized sound on “My Guitar” betrays the lyrics which proclaim that the guitar is a better lover than you.

Sometimes Electrick Emily gets caught in standard rock cliches like the whoa oh oh opening of  “Does Anyone Ask?” but let’s face it, the cliches are that way because they work.  Although it does mean a  number of songs are commercial rock radio fodder.  Because there is strong songwriting here   “Stiletto Rock” is full of songs with hooks that will often catch you singing along regardless of your gender.   The strongest tracks on the album are the title track and “Cock Rockers” due to their strong upfront driving approach.  As an album"Stiletto Rock" is a fun mix of hard rock and 80's synth pop with a strong riot grrrl attitude.


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