Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fear - Have Another Beer With Fear

Punk band FEAR’s beer obssession kicked off in 1985 with their sophomore album “More Beer”.  Lee Ving repeatedly shouts out his demands beer in the title song.  In a snippy fast-paced ninety-second blast listeners were invited to “Have A Beer With Fear”.   Ten years later, Lee Ving was the only original member in the band and the continuing interest in killing cranium weight with beer presents itself again in the album“Have Another Beer With Fear”.  DEAD KENNEDYS hangover looms on the top of “Demons Sticking Pitchforks in My Brain” Who couldn’t love and join in the calls for “Free Beer”, raucous yells for a “Beerfight”, the country tinged hymn “I Believe I’ll Have Another Beer” or the easily obeyed “Drink Some Beer”?  

Here ends the trilogy of punk drinking albums.  Please feel free to suggest some more in the comments section.

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