Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sham 69 - That's Life

Sham69 “That’s Life”(1978)

Essentially a punk concept album about life of a working class lad in Britain who hates his job, loses his job, places a bet on a horse and wins then gets together with his friends to celebrate his unexpected winnings at a bar.   The simplistic Oi chanting encouragement to go down the pub has ensured “Hurry Up, Harry” has touched  classic status.  After spewing in the pub toilet, the album’s everyday heroes look to pick up girls from another pub in follow-up“Evil Way”.   Anyone that has tried to pick up a girl in a bar will be able to relate with the two part conversational piece “Reggae Pick Up”, provided that they can understand the Cockney accents.  “Sunday Morning Nightmare” documents the worst results of a morning after a heavy Saturday night out drinking complete with effective added dialogue and warbling all-in disco style choruses.  Drinking beer is a mandatory activity whilst listening to this album.


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