Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Black Pyramid - Black Pyramid

Black Pyramid “Black Pyramid”, 2009

The heaviness just oozes through the stoner rock fuzz mixed with a ploddingly heavy doom metal.   It’s not unlike being trampled by a herd of elephants, which then go into reverse and repeat the process. There’s so much psychedelia here, it’s easy to hear the acid tabs and mushrooms being passed around the room during Black Pyramid’s creative sessions.  A warning of imminent doom sounds in the instrumental opening“…And The Gods Made War”.      While there’s a Candlemass semblance in “Visions of Gehenna”, the fuzzed out guitar in the foreground ensures a more unique sound is encapsulated.

There’s a communal kneeling at the hallowed altar of Black Sabbath in “No Life King and “Twilight Grave”. The vocals of Andy Beresky can’t help but add to the overall worship effect as they fall somewhere between Ozzy and Eric Wagner.  “The Worm Ouroboros” broods slowly with tasty twisting bluesy guitar leads and sparse near shouted parts before the guys get into a cutting groove jam.  “Wintermute” deceives by beginning as a tranquil ballad but then the guitar kicks in and lifts the track from a potential quagmire.    The combination of sub-genres works well as Black Pyramid stamp their sound into each song.  There is no doubt that this is is an album that will be enjoyed more with subsequent listens.


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