Friday, May 11, 2012

Deadkill - Self-titled EP

Deadkill Self-titled EP, 2012
(Good to Die)

It’s as enjoyable as a music reviewer to see young bands that are looking back to the past as it is to those that totally unashamedly ignore artists that have gone before with the idea of coming up with something new rather than something borrowed. Seattle's Deadkill twist their heads back into Washington DC’s 80’s hardcore punk past when the likes of Black Flag and Minor Threat.

The vocals on “Oh God Help You” are reminiscent of a youthful Henry Rollins fronting Black Flag although the rhythm is set dowm with drumming from a more standard rock pattern. The first 24 seconds of “5150” is an intro that a number of metal bands would be proud of. After that a constipated parrot voice that typified many an early harcore band comes in and when the song slows a little in the middle the vocals fit between spoken and shouted. If there is such a sub-genre as harcore and roll “Outa My Head” fits. There’s punk ‘n’ roll music with rapid-fire dual shouted vocals which then slow into shouted instructions, “Stand tall, one and all”. The shared yelling reminds me a lot of Minor Threat but going by the song’s lyrics there’s absolutely no way these guys are straight edgers. Those wanting a long song ar going to get cheated by the ninety-second burst “Rip Off”.

This EP serves well as an appetizer as my main complaint is that like a lot of hardcore records, it’s over way toosoon. This EP can be comfortably filed between those twenty plus year old well worn Black Flag and Circle Jerks albums or those still shiny Career Suicide and Off! records. I’m willing to bet Deadkill are an energetic bunch in a live setting.


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