Monday, May 7, 2012

Hip Priests - Full Tilt Bullshit

(Ghost Highway)

Look up all your liquor cabinet and all the female members of your acquaitance because the UK’s Hip Priests are back with a new singer and their lurid punk and roll tales of sex, debauchery, more sex, more debauchery and did I mention even more sex and debauchery?  

 There’s a couple of songs here that more astute will realize are parodies of other songs including the tight opener “Sonic Repoducer” and I’ll take the less subtle “Outa My Head (Into My Pants)” over that horrible Billy Ocean song.  And it’s not to hard a stretch (ha!) to imagine  “Wrist Action” is their version of “Turning Japanese”.

“Baptized in Booze” clues the listener in that The Hip Priests’ shows are drunken sweaty affairs for the audience.  “Gang of One” is the perfect counter to all those punk songs about being in a gang hanging with the crew and comes complete with the obligatory woohoo vocals.  A possible weakness is that it sounds a little too much like all the other haning with the gang songs.  “Dna Dynamite”  lives up to the album’s title and is full tilt and seems to be over much quicker than three minutes and like all good rock 'n'roll borrows from elsewhere, in this case, it's from The Stiff Little Fingers with lyrics twisted to “I gotta go, I gotta ejaculate”  The speed theme continues with “Faster than Fuck”.  The theme of “Dressed Up, Messed Up”  should be  self-explanatory to most readers.  The title “Demon in My Genes”  is possibly the least obvious these guys get but just say it out loud and you get the idea.  Put simply the song rocks regardless.  It’s difficult not to think of The Stooges listening to “Terminal Lust”.

The world’s still in recession but if you love garage punk and roll you should seek out this album and spend your disposable income on  it instead of booze and loose woman although The Hip Priests themselves are more likely to take the latter options.


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