Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hosoi Bros - Wine Witch 7 inch

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Hosoi Bros, Wine Witch 7", 2011
(Typhoon Killer records)

All longtime music bloggers start to question why exactly they are spending their time in front of a computer typing out words and sharing music with an audience that they often haven’t even met. Most of the audience often doesn’t offer any interaction other than to ask, anonymously and without any contact details,  “Can you upload this again?”.   The anonymity is my pet peeve as I have a life outside the blog and if I can’t get something uploaded for a while, how on earth can I let the requester know?

Then there’s the band and labels.  These are a mixed bunch as there are some great ones out there that really do appreciate the blog and have taken time to look at the content and work out whether their music fits the context.  Then there’s the ones that take the scattergun approach and shoot their spam and newslinks to any website stupid enough to list their email address.  There’s a reason rap doesn’t get written about here and it’s not really because I don’t like it but because you’re better off sending it off to someone that has deeper knowledge than just the mainstream.  It’s highly possible will be only compared less than favourably to Ice-T, The Beastie Boys or Public Enemy because that’s about the extent of my hip-hop genre knowledge.

Anyway when a band or label notices the blog and the music fits like a glove , it is easier to write about and ultimately a more pleasurable experience for all involved.  Memphis band, Hosoi Bros are one such band and they found the blog through a review of the Absolute Monarchs album and through emails received my postal address and mailed me their glow in the dark debut 7”.   Looking at the cover made me wonder how much Hosoi Bros know about me as there’s clearly a shared love of B-grade horror.

The A-side  “Wine Witch” is an energetic  punk and roll number with a heavy metal tinge, which more or less guarantees the thumbs up around here.  The band’s musical barrage, accompanied with humourous lyrics and Severin shouted vocals with a chorus involving vino tales of woe and telling Satan where to go, comes across as tight as a certain part of a nun’s anatomy.  The B-side, “Yellow fever” of course, isn’t a tribute to the fanbase of New Zealand’s only professional soccer team or about guys who have become addicted to Asian girls but a similarly fast paced swaggering tribute to golden showers.  I’m hoping to hear more from Hosoi Bros.  The vinyl is limited to 300 copies and comes with a download link so contact the band for a copy at Hosoi Bros666 [at] or through the links under their “Wine Witch” video.

The video is probably NSFW due to the language used.


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