Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Satin Chaps - Might I Suggest the Satin Chaps

The Satin Chaps, “Might I Suggest The Satin Chaps”, 2012

There’s not much I can compare Rhythm and Blues band, the Satin Chaps with simply because R and B really isn’t a genre of music I’ve explored as it's just not my cup of tea. There’s a member of The Dandy Warhols in this band but that really means nothing. It’s not like all musicians want to be always locked into the style they’re renowned for. For example, there’s an ex-member of 80’s speed metal band, Flotsam and Jetsam in the Dirtbombs and the two bands sound absolutely nothing alike.

The opening song, “Catch on Quick” is a live instrumental. “Wet Leather” is also instrumental and has a portion of surf music vibe. “Jump Shout Shake” is the first song with any lyrics and it’s not hard to imagine the track placed on The Blues Brothers soundtrack. Another instrumental track is “Dry Rub”. “Cry Baby Cry” features singing of the title’s three words at the start the song and then a brass section comes in which is the highlight of the song for me and they disappear far too quickly. Latin rythyms are traversed at the opening of “Funky Matador” before it turns into a laidback loungey island number with surf music undertones. “Lil’ Sweater” starts out with a lot of percussion and the steady beats allow the other players to get loose whilst swinging the beat. “Cruiser” is a slightly laidback jazzy instrumental which could blare inoffensively from a coffee shop as it’s the type of music that would suit that atmosphere and the song is the album’s highlight.

It’s always good to get out of a comfort zone and explore new genres. But I really don’t know enough about this type of music to know whether this a good album of its type or not and I’m unsure if I’m even going to listen to it again so “Might I Suggest The Satin Chaps” only musters a pass mark. Thanks, but I’ll stick to the tried and true blue jeans.


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