Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Five favourite personally recorded live videos and war movies

There was a time when I'd go to show and record songs I liked by live band on my cheap digital cameras. These days I'm lucky to even get to shows for various reasons and when I do I tend to take pictures rather than record. Often the sound wasn't the best but then again, who expects studio quality sound when you see a band live and then for it to be replicated on a camera? The best venue in Wellington to record bands was Valve(R.I.P.) because it was possible to stand on a sofa at the back and zoom in as the crowd surged forward.

Anyway here's the list:

5) First up, members of the terrible band name club from Melbourne's A Death in The Family. The band had a sound somewhere between Leatherface and Hot Water Music. I found out today that the band called it quits in January this year. I only ever heard their first album, "This Microscopic War", which I still play from time to time. Here's "Let's Lose" at Valve.

4) Punkfest was a yearly event in Wellington and I made it to two of them at the Wellington Car Club in Newtown. The first year I made it Nelson's Basura Blanca blew me away because they didn't seem to be like most the other bands who fitted firmly into the hardcore or punk genre instead were closer to the post-punk approach of Fugazi.

3)The next year, Hamilton's Dick Dynamite and The Doppelgangers were the oddfellows coming from a psychobilly background and clearly owning a drumkit that came without a stool.

2) UK Subs have become somewhat frequent visitors to these islands. I first heard them on one of those ROIR live cassettes back in the 80's and in his on-stage banter vocalist, Charlie Harper was going on about how he was so much older than the audience back then so nothing has changed. "Warhead" was a song that always stood out. I was asked to record another band via youtube messages because they really liked the way this one was done. Personally, I think I just got lucky wtih the recording here.

1) Two piece garage rockers, The Hasselhoff Experiment announced their last Wellington show and there was no way I was going to miss it. I remember absolutely hating the first support band, Golden Axe and liking the next band who don't remember the name of but do remember that they all dressed up as cavemen. Anyway The Hasselhoff Experiment delivered and I'm pleased with the way this video turned out even if I was knocked from the chair I was standing on whilst filming.

Weirdly this Flying Nun clip has even less views than my live clips but that may well because it has only been up for 9 months so far.


Five top five war movies

1) Das Boot
2) Full Metal Jacket
3) Saving Private Ryan
4) The Killing Fields
5) Empire Strikes Back

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