Sunday, November 25, 2012

Research Turtles - Mankiller Part Two

Louisiana power popsters, The Research Turtles have returned with a follow-up to their Mankiller EP, which found favour on this blog. The band have released another group of songs and put them together on a release entitled "Mankiller Part Two".

The Research Turtles strength on their previous releases was their strong harmonies, steady drumming combined with strong songwriting. The turtles mine pop from both the sixties and the eighties. The first and last song leave little doubt that these guys are huge Byrds fans. Much of the meat in the sandwich is tight pop with 4/4 drumming. It's difficult to listen "The Fancy" and not think of The Cars as the band share a similar sensibility for catchy hooks that draw a listener in for further listens. "Break It Up" has a headbobbing rhythm reminiscent of The Knack. There's a high sugar content in "Into You", which is to expected in almost any songs with the lyrics, "Baby, it's true." You'd also expect syrupy harmonies and they're there too. This is possibly a top 40 song and the only reason I say possibly is because I haven't paid attentio to any music charts for years. "What Can I Say" may draw Oasis comparisons due to the Beatlesque guitar and melodies but there's a bit of America that creeps in there too in the form of the Beach Boys which comes through in the hoo hoo's. "Space" is my pick of the bunch from Mankiller Part Two" as it grabs with a garage rock approach built around the rythm section and a strong sing along chorus.

Anyone who tells you sequels can't be better than the original has never sat through Empire Strikes Back or Gremlins 2. However Mankiller Part Two isn't better than the original but it's about the same which is still damned good.


The EP can be downloaded from the band's website.

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