Thursday, December 13, 2012

Asilo - Geografias


Asilo are a four piece band from Argentina.  The band describe their music as crust doom. Asilo have opted out of the traditional four on the floor sound by eliminating the guitar and instead utilize two basses.   Their latest single "Geografias" is a taster for an upcoming album.    "Geografias" crawls slowly out from the gutter as sludgy crust with troll vocals then when the song hits about the  halfway point oppressive discordant drone beats the listener into submission and the comes out of a cocoon as doom with haunting spoken vocals.  The lyrics to the song are all in the band's native language.

What really piqued my interest in this release was the cover of "Wardance" because it is one of my favorite Killing Joke songs.  As with all cover versions, there is the fear that the band completely ruin the song or by simply playing it straight add absolutely nothing but Asilo add a dense layer of mouldy crust to the tune.  This would be my pick out of the two tracks however it's not going to end up on their upcoming album.  The band's music reminds me of those old ads that were used to advertise death metal that stated, "Some music was meant to stay underground".   This isn't music for the faint-hearted.   However if you're looking for a combination of crust, doom and sludge, this release is well worth a look but don't just take my word for it, play the single for yourself at their Bandcamp page.

  The fact that they have a picture of Edith Piaf on their band shirt is a little confusing.


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