Monday, July 29, 2013

Sleestak - Book of Hours

If you're exactly  like me you're probably a little lubricated as you write this.  Wait, that's not a good opening for a paragraph but regardless,  I'll open another extra-strength can of beer in the name of inspiration.   Hick.   This band is called Sleestak and exactly what's a Sleestak?

  Apparently it's a character from a late sixties TV show called "Land of The Lost".   I'm old enough to vaguely remember seeing repeats(re-runs to any North Americans who aren't aware of vocabulary changes further afield)*

*This should be a footnote.  But looking at the bottom of the page to read footnotes pisses me off so it's right here directly under what I've written to save me anger and to save you time.  If you're reading this still connected to the internet, I suggest using a search engine to find more about about footnotes.  Don't just type footnotes though, my suggestion is to type "Footnotes are gay" because on the internet the word "gay" ususally means lame unless you're doing an image search.  **If you're used to book format, forget you've read this and read the text underneath or if you're even more geeky than me then ignore this as you've copy and pasted this shit and realized a footnote shouldn't be underneath the first two paragraphs.

** Fuck you and your Coke bottle glasses.

Anyway this release from a band named Sleestak sounds like The Doors in places although they have a song called "Seven Sorrows", which sounds a little like The Doors but if you've heard a Danzig album or song, it's much closer to them.  It made me think of a long-gone local band that had a song with the chorus "Fuck The Doors, they sound like Danzig".  I miss those guys.  Although there is probably a band around now recording "Fuck Danzig, they sound like Sleestak".  The comparison is due to the vocals and the fact that the song is dirty bluesy hard rock.

Anyway Sleestak play bluesy hard rock with  a touch of psychedelia.  I wouldn't be at all surprised if Stray, Wishbone Ash and Cactus albums are in this band's essential listening list along with the more obvious Pink Floyd, 70's Alice Cooper(80's Alice mostly sucked thanks to Desmond Child), Doors and Pink Floyd.  Yeah, there are keys but the song "Lone Wolf" makes me want to listen to Valkyrie more than any other band.  This has nothing to do with the song sucking (because it definitely doesn't) but more because Sleestak clearly have similar influences.  Some idiot reviewing this with a shitty music collection is probably saying this song sounds like late Soundgarden with Doors keyboards parts which it does in parts but late Soundgarden sounded  like Pink Floyd meeting Black Sabbath before Roger Waters called it a day.  If you like any of the bands mentioned in this review you definitely should check this release out.

Oh yeah,. it's on this trio's trio's bandcamp site.


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