Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Iron Fist magazine issue 2

Iron Fist is a UK Metal mag and proclaims to be the ultimate underground bible on the cover. The second issue features a cover story on Motorhead. There are interviews with old-time death metallers Sadistic Intent, also other old timers like Incantation, Sarcofagus, Thor, Doro and NWOBM band, Jaguar, Australian black metallers Ruins plus Vektor and a lot more. The ads aren't that noticeable and there's none for phone sex lines unlike some other British metal and rock mags.

The reviews are at the honest stage and aren't the horseshit that are lot of reviewers spout so that they'll get more product from the same record label or band because despite the band or album being shit, the prices that they fetch on ebay or in a trade are great. Advertisers bands aren't automatically granted a great review, which is how it should be. While I'm not that moved to check out any of the albums reviewed that I wouldn't normally, the writing does focus on the music and its easy to know what a record will sound like just by reading. There is an editing mistake in the review section though as a Graveyard review is headed up as Deathspell Omega.

The best part of the mag was an interview with Brian Slagel, the founder of Metal Blade records(weren't the Goo Goo Dolls once on this label?). The article is more about the Metal Massacre compilations then anything else and it makes for interesting reading. Reading the staff list I see that there is both a kiwi connection and a connection with the glossy punk mag, The Big Cheese as former member of Christchurch punk band Desperate Measures is involved in the publishing.  Iron Fist are offering subscriptions which is a bold move for a mag that is only on its second issue.

Iron Fist mag

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