Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Shrapnel Storm - We Come in Peace

Shrapnel Storm are a five piece Finnish death metal band who have been brutally knocking around about since 2007.  The band aren't into chaotic speed for speed's sake as Shrapnel Storm are strongly influenced by 90's mid-tempo death metal acts.

There are only two tracks here so this is short and sweet death metal.  While sweet death metal may well be an oxymoron, Shrapnel Storm is a band that favours the organic sound made by rotten humans over computerized perfection.  There aren't any auto-tuned guitars or drum click tracks to be found here and as such the music falls somewhere between  a lot of 80's thrash metal and Carcass's Heartwork.  The vocals are clear audible death grunt   If you didn't realize that's two thumbs up here.  They also get another thumb up for having their own website that is more than just links to their social media sites.  Good stuff from Finland once again.

 If any record labels are out there reading this, these guys are currently shopping around for a record label.


Shrapnel Storm's website

Shrapnel Storm on facebook

The Small Takeover on Facebook

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