Monday, April 21, 2014

Mental Killing Spree. "Centrifuge of Man"

 A Facebook friend commented that he has a friend who often asks whether a band is grindcore or death metal and the friend stated that he answered that the difference doesn't really matter as what is important is whether or not it is good.  Mental Killing spree are here to confuse people who need to know the difference between the two.

German band, Mental Killing Spree have their feet firmly in both death metal and grindcore camps.  Often the band play at a pace that would leave Michael Schumacher's car for dead but they also aren't afraid to slow it down and this gives the music a heavy bone crunching effect on "Creator of Hatred". The vocals are angry growls but there is a range that most death metal vocalists fail to achieve.  There's no race between the drummer and the vocalist as both are able to complement the other by keeping at the same pace.

The odd feature is that even though there is grindcore within the music of Mental Killing Spree most of their songs are a lot more lengthy than your average grinders.  Due to this "Centrifuge of Man" comes across as lengthier than it should.  Check the album out yourself on their bandcamp linked below.


Mental Killing Spree's bandcamp

Mental Killing Spree on facebook

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