Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Visions of the Night - Guerrillas within their Midst

Visions of the Night are a Canadian based military themed metal band who alternate between death and black metal.  It would be easy to consider the brainchild of Peter Wolvesblood as a one-man band but that's not completely true as they play live as a full band and even the camouflage they wear on stage doesn't hide that fact.

The title track is fast death metal that slows down at time with an added heaviness due to slow loud guitar riffs that shine through. "War is Religion" starts with a military beat before dementedly twisting into rapid-fire death metal which opts for blast-beats as enemy attacking cannons.  The black metal comes though strong  in "Lost in the Red Snow", this song moves from blast-beat pummeling to waiting to pounce and back again with a military beat that shows its brutal head from time to time.  Visions of the Night use this dynamic in a number of their songs and it works.  The samples fit the mood of the album and the band's theme.

The fact that Visions of the Night haven't gone for the either/or between death metal and black metal may confuse purists but for the more open-minded, it'll definitely be points in the "band's" favour.  Picking a best song on "Guerrillas in their Midst is tough but "War is Religion", "We Will Conquer" Visions of the Night deserve praise for offering something a little bit different to the run of the mill death and black metal out there.


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