Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Police State - Mind Collapse

Pennsylvanian band Police State's mission statement is to shit on American politics. Instead of using billions of dollars and an odd hairpiece Police State are using a combination of crust, grind, powerviolence and d-beat to get their mission accomplished.

The listener is gently lulled in with the opening "intro" before getting beaten with the less than a minute d-beat blasts of "Consumed" and "Oath". "Pure Filth" is double the length of these two tracks and has a crustier texture. "Cease To Exist is triple the length and grinds the ear with a metallic lean.

While the anger is ever-present throughout the twenty minutes of "Mind Collapse", there's not a lot to draw a listener back.


Listen to Mind Collapse on bandcamp here.

Police State on facebook

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