Saturday, July 29, 2017

Paganizer - Land of Weeping Souls

Swedish death metal outfit Paganizer have been around for nearly twenty years and recently released their tenth full-length album through the Indian label Transcending Obscurity. The band play death metal in the Swedish "traditional" style of Grave and Dismember. The first track is no holds barred speeding death. The gruff vocals can be heard clearly and border on melodic. The drums are pummeled at breakneck speeds on most the tracks on this album. There's tasty guitar leads on many of the tracks but it really is the six string instrument of death that makes "Forlorn Dreams". Fans of blast beats will wet themselves when they hear the title track to this album although the tempo does slow down now and again which adds to the song much more than relentless drumming would. There's a clear thrash metal influence showing through in "The Insanity Never Stops" as it speeds along onwards from the intro.

Although many of the songs throughout the album sound both similar and familiar, fans of old school Swedish death metal will eat up "Land of Weeping Souls" regardless.


Release Date: 5 August 2017

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