Friday, July 14, 2017

Pathology - Pathology

Bleeeeeurggggggghhhhhm, blurggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, beeeeeeeelchhhhhhhhhhhh. society, bllaaarggghhh, basically sums up both the vocals and the lyrics for brutal death metal band, Pathology. It sounds like the vocalist is trying to escape from inside a washing machine while it's doing a spin cycle but he is a complete failure as a soldier in the war against machines and is also crying his eyes out. The music is relentless fast brutal death metal with very little time to slow down and honestly when Pathology slow down and abandon the vocals, they sound like a good band unfortunately these parts are a very small percentage of this release. The drums are absolutely punished at a speed that sounds like the man handling the sticks has either never heard of or desires repetitive strain injury. The guitar sound is clear but those annoying vocals are way too loud in the mix. It's really difficult for a casual listener to distinguish between the bursts of noise (let's not call these creations songs) as there's no obvious starting and stopping points as Pathology take the same stand to intros. Despite the fact that Pathology are now up to album nine with their self-titled, there's definitely no desire from these parts to explore their back catalogue as this release totally misses the mark.


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