Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Profetus - Coronation of the Sun

Record Label: Weird Truth

Although originally released in 2009, Japanese record label, Weird Truth Productions have re-released and remastered the debut album Finnish doom metal band, Profetus. Besides the four track which appeared on the original debut, the remastered version also features the two tracks from the band's demo and a live track. Just below is the track "Winter Solstice"from the band's demo

Profetus play funeral doom. With the exception of the track, "Saturnine Night", which has a running time of 3 minutes and 41 seconds, the songs are mostly lengthy slow plodding doom dirges which last for well over ten minutes. All the tracks convey a depressingly bleak and sorrowful atmosphere that would be envy of many goth bands. The slow doom notes and riffs are sparse. The drumbeats are at an incredibly slow tempo. The vocals are not often used but they are usually a gruff hoarse whisper. The shortest track "Saturnine Night" features a spoken part which lends this track a very dark and menacing underbelly.

The lengths of most of the tracks are the main weakness on this album and also there's a feeling of deja vu in each track following the opening track due to the similarity in sound. However those weaknesses are common in the style of music Profetus play and often considered strengths. As somebody who usually hates bonus tracks on re-releases, I actually feel that the record label, Weird Truth, made a good move in sandwiching the original four album tracks between the two demo tracks. However, I still find the inclusion of a live version of a track that is on the album a questionable move as the track is close to twenty minutes long and while it's well recorded, it's difficult to hear the audience so why not just include another studio track?


Release Date: 27 September 2017

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