Thursday, October 12, 2017

Wheelfall - The Atrocity Reports

Apathia records

"The Atrocity Reports" is the third album from French band, Wheelfall. The band's music on their PR sheet is described as Industrial Post-Metal. What is industrial Post Metal? How does it differ from Industrial Metal? Why so many questions? Who cares?

The band sound a little like 90's Ministry on the album opener, "The Way to Every Crime is Ours". It's heavy, metallic and very much rhythm driven with a driven tempo. The nihilism is strong throughout the album and the second song "Nothing But Worms" reeks of despair as the title. The tempo is much slower and the vocals go from between death metal and hardcore at the start of the song to near spoken which sets a bleak haunting tone. "Violence is Seduction" is an angry industrial metal three minute and a half minute burst that will have shouting, "It's a guilt fucker".

"Impentinent" has a similar drum sound to Big Black's "Kerosene" which sets the song on fire. It sounds like Big Black, Ministry and Nailbomb combined and contained to single place, in that it is industrial and very pissed off with society. "There is No You" is lighter than most the previous tracks and is reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails although Wheelfall do sound much angrier and a little less interested in catchy sing-a-long hooks.

Wheelfall really know how to turn on the angrybutton and are much accessible than most modern hardcore punk bands while providing abrasive industrial metal. If you enjoy Ministry, Nailbomb, Big Black, "Demanufacture" era Fear Factory or Nine Inch Nails then Wheelfall's "The Atrocity Reports" album should be right up your alley.


Release Date: 6 October 2017

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