Friday, April 2, 2010

Transient songs - Cave Syndrome

(Indian Casino Records)

Transient Songs is the odd name of John Frum's project and "Cave Syndrome" is the album's title. The songs on the album are very reminiscent of The Church. This comparison is mainly because Frum's vocals are hauntingly close to those of Steve Kilbey. A number of the songs reminded me of Kilbey's singing when teamed up with Grant Mclennan on their Jack Frost side-project. The guitar sound adds a dreamy alternative pop feel that will cause underwear dampening to fans of The Church and The Go-Betweens. The whistling on "Greenwood Backyards", which features Frum playing all the instruments, takes the listener by surprise whilst adding to the song. " There's cat-like screaming in the otherwise sparse "Wide Open Skies" before the cello gently slides the song along for a peacefully slow ride allowing the passenger the time to take the entire view in. The thick laidback guitar lend an ambient Pink Floyd eerieness to "Lungs and Livers". Background vocals and guitar are appropriately buried although guitar feedback pops its head out to survey the surroundings in "The Burrow Patch". While originality doesn't really shine through here as The Church similarities scream out to me louder than they really should, "Cave Syndrome" is an enjoyable album and one that fans of any of the previously mentioned bands should give a listen to. 3/5

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