Thursday, October 25, 2007

Crux and Pisschrist at Valve Oct 18th

Right now I have a cold (yeah, boo hoo) which was brought on by an overdose of live music. Last Thursday night I went to check out two aussie punk bands, Pisschrist and Crux. The night featured six bands. Most shows at Wellington's Valve start at 10:00 or later. This one was an exception. I arrived at 10pm and had already missed two bands, Co-exister and Drug Problem. I managed to see Auckland hardcore band Smashing Off who played a really tight set.

Smashing Off

Next up were Wellington hardcore band Strangers who didn't play too badly. I'm not a big fan of modern hardcore so I don't know who to compare them too. I've seen them twice and both times I've thought their last song sounded best and that's not because it's the final song of the setlist. I video taped their song Expositions.

Next up were Crux from Sydney, Australia who I've heard described as technical crust(a genre I know little about). The band have a female vocalist who is of Asian descent.

Below is Crux live. The video is just over a minute long.

They were really enjoyable live even if their music isn't really my cup of tea.

Last up were the offensively named Melbourne band Pisschrist who are a dbeat thrash-punk band with a super energetic and charismatic frontman. This band play incredibly fast thrash. They are an incredible live band who need to be seen to believed. Once again the video is just over a minute long. Enjoy.


Grant said...

smashin off is actually a failure at playing '82 hardcore punk!

Chris said...

I don't know Smashing Off sounded pretty good to me. I like a lot of eighties hardcore punk. I found some photos of you guys at Valve on my memory and added them today.

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