Sunday, October 28, 2007

Punkfest 19 October 2007

Punkfest is a yearly two/three day festival in Wellington, New Zealand that showcases mostly New Zealand hardcore punk bands. The festival has been running for ten years now and is now held in the Newtown Car Club. This year there were two Australian bands. This year I made it along for the first time ever.

Palmerston North band, Gaylordz were the first band up and they sound influenced DRI, Suicidal tendencies and Municipal Waste. This band make good use of two vocalists and are a damned hard to film. I'd never seen these guys before but they're a fantastic live band (it may have something to do with coming from my boring hometown) I made rough youtube footage of these guys.

Click here for more info on gaylordz

Next up were The Dregs who come from the farming town of Masterton. They played catchy melodic punk but had already been upstaged by the Gaylordz.

Also coming from my home town was solo act, Boss Christ is comparable to Tom Waits. His music is just him and his slide guitar but he outshined a lot of bands I've seen.
His my space site describes him as Wolfman gets Monsterbilly, which is accurate.

Check out Bruce Springsteen sux and Party at Boss Christ's house on his myspace site

Boss Christ at Punkfest video below

Goodtimes played next and were more of a hardcore band with four girl members and a guy vocalist. Musically hardcore isn't really my thing but they were a good live act. Standout member musically was the drummer.

Scab were up next. More spazzy hardcore. Not my thing at all.

Sydney band, Crux played last. I didn't enjoy them as much as the previous night for some reason.

Met a guy who had seen The Ramones and The Clash in Wellington during the eighties so I didn't feel quite so old. Drove home to get some sleep before working a few hours the next day so I could make the next day.

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