Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wellington Punkfest October 21

Went back to Punkfest about an hour before the first band started with beers in hand. Ended up giving most of my beer to stupid punk girls who told me I didn't deserve to be there and I was too old to be at Punkfest because I refused to give them all my beer and told them to go forth and multiply but not in those words. It must be nice to know you'll move on and to plan on stopping listening to music and going to shows.
As I was early back into the hall one of the organizers asked which band I played in. I caught the nearly all girl band Co-exister. They played a hardcore style which really did nothing for me. The thing I liked best about them was their drummer's Kreator Pleasure To Kill T-shirt. It was only their second show so they should get better musically and/or show off more impressive band T-shirts.

Photo: Coexister

Next up were Punchbowl. I didn't really enjoy this group when they played a support slot for Melbourne band, A Death in the Family
mainly because their style didn't seem right for that particular night. After Co-exister I enjoyed them a lot more. They seemed to have a better night, better sound and seemed to be enjoying themselves much more. This time I could make out some of what was being 'sung/shouted' into the microphone. Their song Man in Uniform can't resist was dedicated to the New Zealand activists who were recently arrested under the terrorism suppression act.

Photo: Punchbowl

Next band were Shortlived. They're yet another hardcore act. Not my thing but others enjoyed them much more than me. If you're interested in checking this band out Stig from Mad Blasts of Chaos made this recent post complete with Mp3s.

Above photo: Shortlived

Hamilton's Bludgers played next and played Rancid/Clash style punk. I thought I heard a Sham 69 in there as well but I could be wrong.

Above Photo: The Bludgers

Nelson's Basura Blanca were a band that actually sounded original. A rough description of their sound would be Fugazi meeting Helmet. This band made my jaw drop as they were great and would the right promotion are a band that should go further. I managed to film their first song. They got even better as their set went on.

Next band were The Wrongmen from Auckland. More hardcore. Great stage presence but I'll pass on even commenting on their music.

Above pic: The Wrongmen

Melbourne bandPisschrist were up next and impressed even more than they had at Valve on the Thursday night. The crowd was whipped into a frenzy of stage diving. Their frontman has to be one of the most energetic I've ever seen. Pisschrist are one hell of an impressive live act.

Auckland band Missing Teeth had the dubious task of following Pisschrist. They delivered the goods. Missing Teeth play catchy punk and are also a great live act. I'd listen to their music at home over and over again while Pisschrist's music I'd only probably only play a few times before I start looking for something else. Missing Teeth played a cover of New Zealand 80's punk band No Tag's song Mistaken Identity. When they announced they were going play a No Tag cover I may have been alone in hoping for Legalise Dogs.

Above Pic: Missing Teeth

I could have gone and seen Motorhead two nights in a row in New Plymouth instead of Punkfest but other than New Plymouth long time punk rockers Sticky filth (who use a Motorhead influenced bass in their own sound) who incidentally replaced Aussie rockers, Rose Tattoo the support bands really put me off going. Chinese water torture is more appealing than sitting or standing through Dawn of Azazel and 8 Foot Sativa. I can't imagine a whole lot of Motorhead's older fans enjoying death metal. Rose Tattoo however are a whole different kettle of fish. Five bands is too many anyway when the event is not a festival.

I don't think the promoter realized the broad appeal of Motorhead and the limited appeal of death metal.

Anyway pick of the punkfest bands to watch out for are Basura Blanca.

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STiG(NZ) said...

I agree someone should do a cover of Legalised Dogs, such an awesome song.

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