Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Punkfest Sat 20 October

Headed back to Wellington after work for the Saturday afternoon of punkfest. I didn't take Labour weekend traffic into account so a 1 hour trip became a 2 hour trip. I missed seeing a band called Manicanne and another called Shit The Bed so I have no idea what these bands were like.
I managed to catch the windups who were an all girl band with guitar keyboards, drums and a monotone singer. They weren't really my thing but I could imagine them slotting on the 1979-1982 NZ compilation album It's Bigger Than Both of Us quite easily.

Pic: The Wind-ups

Next up were Vicious Rumour from Napier who very much fitted into the punk rock mould. They had a strong set and were nicely dressed with a frontman who had the hugest mohawk I've seen in New Zealand in recent years.

Vicious Rumour.

Last up were psychobilly band Dick Dynamite and the Doppelgangers. They had to be the highlight of the afternoon. The band played as a three piece with a frontman who plays upright bass like a man possessed and an excellent drummer who stands and plays drums on a kit stripped to the minimum. I video recorded one of this band's songs. Here is Dick Dynamite and The Doppelgangers - performing "I like girls who can't dance well"

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