Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bali Bombers, Neckstretchers, Magnum Opus and Wall Of Silents Valve December 8

After seeing and enjoying the Bali Bombers and the Neckstretchers at Bar Mode in my hometown of Palmerston North there was no way I was missing this Wellington show. It wasn't that well attended but there's been so many things on in Wellington in the past two weeks. Polish metallers Behemoth and US pop punkers, The Bouncing Souls had played in town the night before and the local soccer team, Wellington played and won against Perth Glory at home(I attended this event and disregarded the others. The score was 3-0).
On the same night round the corner from Valve US band The Gossip (who I've never heard, not that means anything these days, were charging $50 a ticket to their show)were playing the San Franciso Bath House and Australian hardcore band Vae Victis were also playing in town at the Underground Arts Centre not to far from this show.
This show was $7 or $10 with a CD and DVD to get into and I'd heard and like two of the bands. Bali Bombers were the first band up and their punk rock assault is awesome. Here's a youtube clip of their song We Don't Care

Next up were metal band Magnum Opus from the Kapiti Coast. They were on the melodic side with a few death type grunts. The singer who can actually sing is something that seems to be missing from a lot of metal bands I've seen lately. They were pretty damn heavy and from what I could tell seem to be excellent musicians. They got a good crowd upfront.

Above pic: Magnum Opus

Up next were The Neck-Stretchers who are a garage-type punk rock band. This time frontman Rob Thorne was more restrained with this gymnastics compared to the Bar Mode show although he still did them. This band have to be seen live but here's a youtube clip of The Neck-stretchers from this show.

Last up were Wall of Silents who like Magnum Opus were a band I'd never seen before. They're a band with a death/grindcore type singer and a metal/rock/punk sound. Confused? Watch this clip.

They played a song called 'Fuck Off' as an encore and then thanked people for sticking around. An enjoyable night.

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