Saturday, December 8, 2007

Kiddy Filth

I was searching for more info on Sticky Filth for the previous post and came across this article.

When Craig Radford was at school his teachers were forever telling him to put down his guitar and pick up the maths book.

"Now it's `pick up that guitar and play'," says the 20-year veteran of Taranaki heavy metal band Sticky Filth.

This week he was back at the school where he first learnt to play the bass guitar.

But this time he was the teacher.

Mr Radford has been at Coastal Taranaki school in Okato for the past three days passing on his musical knowledge, under the New Zealand Industry Commission's music mentors programme.

Mr Radford was asked to come to Okato by the school's music teacher, Anita Anker.

"I knew Craig already, so I got him into the school. The programme is about real musos coming into schools and sharing their music experience," Ms Anker said.

Mr Radford went to the school when it was Okato College and says he likes the changed attitude towards playing music.

"Kids are more inspired to play instruments and that's pretty awesome."

Music and writing songs should be encouraged, which is why he says he is doing the workshop.

"Some of these kids have already formed their own bands, but they are playing other people's songs. I want to show them they can write their own and do their own thing."

The 41-year-old says he loves working with the students and is impressed so many of them play instruments.

"It's great teaching the kids, it's just amazing. I want them to form their own bands. I have been in one for years and it's the coolest thing."

Sticky Filth formed in 1986 and has since made six albums.

This youtube clip of Craig Radford singing with the kids was on one of their bebo pages.


Greg said...

Too cool. Thanx for posting that up. When did that happen?? I have a nephew that goes to that school- i think.
I live in Sydney and used to try and manage Casualty- heard of them? I used to go to boys high with Mark and snowden(sp).

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Chris said...

Hey Greg,

Yeah, I've heard Casualty. I owned Challenge and a taped copy of A Hard Way To Learn at one point.

The article is from November this year.

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