Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ois 2 men - All Yous Cunts Can Fuck Right Off! CD-R

I was given this CD-R back in October by this Christchurch band after Wellington Punkfest 2007 when I gave them a lift in my car to their accommodation. After hearing an album of the UK's Oizone who are an oi band who mainly do Oi Boyzone covers plus a cover of Babybird's You're gorgeous I approached this CD with trepidation. My fears were misplaced unlike the Oizone CD this survives a number of listens.
The band play Oi but don't quite measure up to Cock Sparrer or Sham 69(lets face it though, few oi bands do)however they're a tonne better than the ghastly Oizone. There is no imitation Cockney accent to be found as Ois 2 men frontman, Aidan probably couldn't hide his New Zealand accent if he tried which is a plus. The theme to Australian soap opera is sung in a pseudo Aussie accent though.

The lyrics are repetitive and work as chants as you would expect with an Oi band. Subject matter covers hunger after drinking, working on Mondays, telling both the boss and the cops to fuck off and beating up hippies. Samples come from The Simpsons and Romper Stomper and I don't doubt that the Romper Stomper soundtrack has been an influence on this band musically.

Another website states that the band's theme song Ois 2 men is a highligh but I found the CDs last two songs to be filler material. Hippie Stombie, Fuck The Cops and Fuck off Boss are my picks for song highlights.

Fuck Off Boss MP3

Fuck The Cops MP3

To contact the band email them at foolsilldestroyyouallAThotmailDOTcom

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