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Sticky Filth - Stainless CD (Alley cat records 2005)

Before I even start this review, I'd better state that I'm a Sticky Filth fan from way back. This New Plymouth band were the first original band I ever saw in at a bar show back in the late eighties. Last time I saw them play was sometime in the nineties though. I have the German Gift of Life Weep Woman Weep on vinyl which sells for high prices now days.(bought new in Palmerston North for $30) and I have Nektar Der Gotter on vinyl (So I'm much better than you unless of course you have the Ima-Hitt copy of Weep Woman Weep.
After claims of elitism I'll admit to selling my copy of Def through Misadventure 7" cause I didn't like it much at the time.

There was meant to be a new Sticky Filth album some before this album was released The master recordings were sent to an Australian vinyl pressing plant which closed down and the masters were lost. This explains the lengthy gaps between albums.

This came out in 2005 but due to living in Taiwan and Smokecds giving up shipping to Taiwan I wasn't able to get this album when it first came out. What do Sticky Filth sound like? Imagine Napalm Death, G.B.H.Dinosaur Junior, Suicidal Tendencies, Motorhead, eighties speed metal and The Birthday Party all meeting together and that's a rough idea of this band's overall sound.

Anyway to the Stainless album. It's great and retains the old Sticky Filth sound. Craig Radford's vocal have to be some of the coolest melodic punk vocals in NZ. There's thankfully no whooooah whoooooah type stuff. At times Radford does sound close to Mike Muir of Suicidal Tendencies but that's hardly a complaint. A few of the songs are more metal than previous Sticky Filth First song Nadia recalls Sticky Filth of old sing about witches and has the one of the rhyming couplets I love hearing this band do (In 1993/she cast a spell on me). ("Alice was there in her wonderland/dancing naked, she stole my hand" was my fave from Nektar and can't be topped). Hate Remains has the coolest Motorhead type bass which Radford does so well. Sucidal Tendencies influence can be heard on this song.
Flesh recalls the slower songs from the Nektar Der Gotter LP(i.e cooler than pre-shark jumping fonzie). Same thing could be said for the next song, Cold. (although there is a riff that sounds a lot like Motorhead. Astronaut is a thrasher with an unrelentess drum beat. The intro of Jahbullheboosay has me wishing Shihad still played the style they did on Churn cause that's what is sounds like. Anyone yearning for Shihad of old could get their fix from this song.

Mary-Mary is Sticky Filth ska.It sounds like The Stranglers. Two Thumbs from me.

Mother is an awesome punk/metal crossover song.
Vanguard Hellride 6 is another song that sounds like it could have been on Nektar Der Gotter as does Already Alright.
Girl with the Luger is one the same thing could be said. This song is so catchy and cool.
30 Days harks back to the slower stuff on Weep Woman Weep and the Birthday Party influences can be heard in Craig's vocals on this song. Then it's back to thrashy punk with Scrap Metal Man.
Too Deep which features guitarist Chris Snowden on vocals brings Slayer's South of Heaven album too mind though Snowden's vocals are more melodic than Tom Araya's.
A great album by New Zealand's longest running punk band which ends with a couple of Techno remixes by Concord Dawn of Nadia and Mother which personally I have to be in the right mood to listen to.

A clip of Astronaut from the forthcoming Sticky Filth DVD

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