Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pierced Arrows Adelaide Hotel, Newtown, Wellington January 11 2008

Pierced Arrows are ex-Dead Moon members, Fred and Toody Cole's new band. I've only ever heard one Dead Moon album and had never seen them live before despite the fact they've toured(yes, toured rather than just playing Auckland)New Zealand.

I decided to go and check this band out. I missed the support bands due to getting lost somewhere in Wellington so I have no idea what they were like. I very much doubt they were anywhere near as good as Pierced Arrows who rocked hard and would have been a very tough act to follow. The Wellington Dominion picked this as one of their gig choice despite featuring a large article about Kings of Leon.

I guess the music of Pierced Arrows could be described as folk influenced punk rock. If all bands who play this year have a show as good as Pierced Arrows 2008 will be a great year for touring bands.

I guess it should be noted that Pierced Arrows played a song for Craig Radford from Sticky Filth who let the band know of his presence(Sticky Filth toured with Dead Moon at least once in the past). I talked briefly with Craig and he said that there are plans for a new Sticky Filth single this year so that's definitely something else to look forward to.

My camera started playing up during this show so there may not be anymore of my photos or youtube clips on this blog for a little while.

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