Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ryoko Mizoguchi

Now for something completely different. While I was living in Taichung, Taiwan I lived not too far from a Live House which was an underground music venue that not many foreigners frequented. After watching a Japanese ska-punkers Double Negative and glam metal influenced rockers Trashbox a woman with a keyboard, a microphone and an anime painting, played. She stood out because her music was different from the four on floor rock band format and she was a small woman with a fantastic voice. After seeing Ryoko Mizoguchi play I got her to sign my CD. It's the first time I've ever done this but I had to get the female singer from Japanese hip-hop group Poplar translate for me. I really wanted to know the artist's English name and also wanted her to know I really liked her music.

Here's a snippet of an online English review I found

Mizoguchi's mini-album 1, 2 no 3 de is short, but then my five foot two inch tall mother always told me that the best things come in small packages, and after listening to this record over and over for the past few days I'm starting to think she may have been right all along. Armed mainly with a piano and a voice pitched somewhere between Kate Bush and Cerys Matthews, Mizoguchi has crafted a collection of songs that burrow themselves deeply within your subconscious, then keep bringing you back to them even when you know you ought to be listening to other things.

Full English review and song name list here

A few people I've played the CD say she sounds like Bjork but I find Ryoko Myzoguchi far more listenable than I've ever found Bjork

Download 1, 2,no 3 de here

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