Saturday, January 26, 2008

TonyALL - New Girl, Old Story

This album is a Descendents or ALL oddity. It features four members of both bands. In some ways that's not a hard feat considering some consider ALL to be The Descendents with a different singer.

TonyALL was an album made for Tony Lombardo (the bass player on The Descendents albums, I Don't Want To Grow Up and Milo Goes To College)
Tony Lombardo wrote all 12 songs on this album. He sings on five songs and his vocals are something of an acquired taste for the average rock fan. However Scott Reynolds(ALL singer at the time) sings on a five tracks and his voice is far easier on the ear. Bass player Karl Alvarez was Tony's replacement in ALL and The Descendents. Karl appears on the track Guitar Case which is possibly the strongest song on this album. Karl's vocals are melodic here and unlike his recent vocals on his Underminer project where years of smoking show their effect.

The song U R Super has a very fifties feel which is emphasized when Tony sings Scoobie Doo. The lyrics are the same style as ALL which are mostly cute songs about getting girls and losing girls. Download TonyALL's New Girl, Old Story here.

If you download this album please comment whether you think it's good or bad.


BJOB said...

Keep Up The Blogging!

Meanas Blog too bro, like honest opinionz

Keep checking back ta mine, still lernin etc

Bl@re! ie: Future Shock/BJOB
The Punk *GR* Show(*specialist) bla...
Weds 5-7PM

also have bands and stuff on the way wahey! obvs no girlfriend haha

also a myspace under Bl@ir or someit

Chris said...

Hey Blair

Thanks for the feedback. I didn't know you were still doing your blog.

I listen to your show sometimes. If I find time this week around that time I'll check it out again.


Sociologian said...

Hey -- I was just thinking about this album the other day. I bought it when it came out, and really liked about a third of it, and thought the rest was pretty blah. That was what, 15 year ago? I wonder if I'd still feel the same way... Is there any way you can post this one again so I can find out? The vinyl copy I bought is sitting in a basement somewhere up in Canada these days.

Chris said...

Sociologian, I just saw your comment. I'll re-up it sometime next week. Yeah, I probably like about a third of it myself.


Anonymous said...

I've been listening to Tonyall in my car on the way to and from work for the last week or so. Because of this I was looking for reviews and info about the album. Just skimming the comments here briefly I noticed a couple of things that I can't comfortably let slide. First off, people don't just consider Descendents and ALL to be the same band save for the singer - they actually are the same band save for the singer (I guess the argument might be if one considers a band to be more than its members). Next, Karl didn't replace Tony, Karl replaced Doug who played bass on Enjoy! I just realized my third and final point to make was wrong so now I'm done.

I'm a huge ALL/Descendents fan w/ Descendents being solely responsible for me playing bass guitar. I love this record but tend to save it for the times when I'm in the market for something a little softer. It's straightforward, solid songwriting w/ a bunch of great musicians to realize it.

gonzalo said...

i heard this few years ago and is 50 / 50 for me , not too good , not too bad , descendents is better by far , but this cd have songs goods like "guitar case " .
thanks for posting this.
greetings from Lima-Peru.

Anonymous said...

can you repost this? would love to hear it!!

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