Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Born/Dead Valve - Wellington Jan 19 2008

Auckland booking outfit Dog Run bookings brought US punk trio Born/Dead for three shows in New Zealand which completed the band's world tour. After checking out their songs on their myspace site I decided that I liked them enough to check them out their live show at Valve in Wellington.
I arrived while Co-existir were playing. The type of metal these girls and one guy play isn't really my thing. Still I enjoyed their final song which seemed punkier than the rest of their set. They've improved a lot since Punkfest last year.

If I remember rightly Palmerston North band,Gaylords played next and were good. The Sucidal Tendencies, DRI, Municipal Waste influences on this band's sound and look came through strongly. The dual vocal approach is great. I found myself singing along to their song Might as well working because it's really catchy.

Punchbowl played next and this time they had a guy on bass. I watched them play one song and it reminded me of L7. As I was hungry I went and got something to eat and missed the rest of their set.

Up next were Strangers who still remind me of late 80s flying nun Auckland band SPUD. The difference is they're probably louder and have more of a metal leaning. These guys were angry, loud and high energy.

Finally Born/Dead came on. I've been told they sound like
Aus-Rotten however I've never heard that band. I'd say they sound like early UK bands such as Doom, Dischargeand GBH with a touch of 80s US punk like Naked Raygun . I really enjoyed their set despite not really being familiar with their music. I bought their LP The Final Collapse so there were will be a review of that album on this blog soon.

As my camera is being fixed I didn't take any photos at the show. All pics on this post were taken by trip up at a hamilton house show which finished Born/Dead's 5 month world tour.

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Mike said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Man, I do like Born/Dead. I've got one of their CD's. I didn't know they had any other albums. I'll need to find 'em.

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