Sunday, April 27, 2008

Media Blitz (Agressive Records) s/t 7" 1993

This band features Tony Fingers who was in the East LA band Thee Undertakers and now plays guitar in a blues band. I really don't know much about the band but internet searching tells me this band were around for over ten years released a few 7" EPs, had several male vocalists and at least one female vocalist who appears on an album called Daddy's Little Girl and that they chose a frustrating band name to google.

The song Media Blitz which is on this 4 song 7" EP can be heard on the Media Blitz East LA myspace page. Their myspace page states Media Blitz started in 1993 as a thrash/punk band by Tony Fingers (A.K.A. Tony Orange of late 70's O.G. E.L.A. punks Thee Undertakers) and Lil Joe Luna who is now Joe Blitz. Hippie Sal Preciado was on drums. Dave Elwood (formally of Last Round up) on vocals. They debuted their self titled 7 inch E.P. vinyl which got airplay on U.S. college and europe. So Cal. KNAC had a punk show which played the 7 inch often. Dave departed in 1995. Tony and Joe went back on vocals for a while as in the very begining. Sal departed in 1996 to be replaced by Furious George Hernandez on skins. Late 1997 saw the arrival of a female screamer Beast A.K.A. La Bestia who Joe recruited from his early El Monte party days. The band released a C.D. "Daddy's Lil Girl" that got good reviews in Maximum R&R. Her live performances were reviewed as a cross between Alice Bag of The Bags and Wendy O of The Plasmatics. The Band list Black Flag, , Suicidal Tendencies, Plasmatics, Fear, Ramones, D.R.I., Thee Undertakers, The Munsters, Gilligans Island, Sex Pistols, The Germs. O.J. Simpson, Amy Fisher, Joey Butafuko, Rodney King and Uncle Slam as influences.

Just found a youtube clip of Media Blitz with the female vocalist, Beast aka Las Bestia.

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Rose Medrano said...

Hi Chris
I just came across this blog about Media Blitz, I am the last bass player they had in the late 90's early 00's the funny thing is we are having a reunion show tomorrow night in Whittier CA and a farewell show in Pasadena CA on Sunday, if you are in the are you should check it out. TONY FINGERS/GUITAR, LA BESTIA/VOCALS, FURIOUS GEORGE/DRUMS me ROSIE BLITZ ON BASS

Here are the event pages on FB

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