Thursday, April 24, 2008

Omen, Beltane, Black Boned Angel at the Adelaide Hotel April 19 2008

The week before I went to this I went to a punk show that I intended to write about on here but since I've written about all the bands before I didn't see the point of writing about them here again plus I wasn't in the right mood to enjoy the show properly.

Anyway the week after New Zealand punk band Sommerset were playing a reunion show. However I didn't go to that as I was still feeling burned out on punk and wanted to check out something different. So I went to a metal show. I missed the first band but they walked out the door real well. The first band I caught were called Omen. Twenty years ago these guys would have been my favourite New Zealand metal band but time's moved on and Annihilator's Alice in Hell album crossed with early Metallica and Megadeth doesn't grab me that much anymore.

Pic: Beltane

Next up were a two piece consisted of a male and a female who call themselve Beltane. I checked out their myspace page and they describe themselves as Black Metal. I'm not really too sure what Black Metal is but I'm sure these guys own more Candlemass than Venom albums or if they don't they should.

Last up were Black Boned Angel who I used to assume were a death metal band but thankfully this was to stay a cookie monster vocal free night. Black Boned Angel are a Drone doom band heavily influenced by Sunn O))) although if I remember rightly Terrorizer magazine described Black Boned Angel as the heaviest band in the world. Most of the twenty people strong crowd moved forward when this band came on so most people had really shown up to see them(myself included).
Anyway I taped some of the band's performance.

I love how the Adelaide makes toasted sandwiches at any time so while a band is playing you can eat a salami and cheese toastie. All music venues should be made by law to provide this service.

I just discovered a very interesting interview with these guys in a New Zealand Listener article entitled The Persistence of Metal.


justin said...

I'm not sure what to think of that one Chris.

Anonymous said...

don't worry about that dumbass... black boned angel, sunn, etc is dope as fuck. check out black monk and heavy winged.

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