Thursday, June 26, 2008

Last Orders, Gripper, The Bludgers, Vicious Rumour-Wellington 21 June 2008

This show must have started roughly on time as I missed Wellington band, Assault City who would have liked to see because I caught about half their set at their first show and enjoyed it.

I walked in while Auckland band, Last Orders were playing. These guys play 80s punk (they've been around since then) with a Motorhead cover added for good measure. At times they remind me of The Circle Jerks.

Pic: Last Orders

Next up were Napier's Vicious Rumour who are currently one of the strongest live punk bands in New Zealand. Thet have something of a street-punk soundand play a few covers.

Above pics: Vicious Rumour

The task of following Vicious Rumour was given to Hamilton oi band, The Bludgers. They're a tight three piece.

Above pic: The Bludgers

Last up were Nelson band Gripper who were the only band I hadn't seen live before and they were AWESOME. Great frontman who handled heckling really well and dished it out plus an average age of about 45.

Here's a poor sounding youtube clip of one of the songs they played at Valve.

Now watch an 82 clip of UK82 band The Destructors and spot the similarities.

As the Gripper clip isn't the best soundwise I recommend checking out their myspace page. I'm sure the song title Lesbian Resthome will make a few people curious.

All in all, a great night.

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